What We Seek


If High Performing, Highly Rated, Valued, flexible, strong effort, and servant heart are words that are often used to describe you, then you are probably the person we are seeking here at The Certus Group.

The Certus Group strives to provide not just consultants who know a product or software, but consultants who know the software and have a servant-heart mentality.  If we provide a team lead, we do not want that lead to think the team is there to serve them, but instead flips the pyramid upside down and acts on how they can support and enable the team to get the work done.  Some of the best role models and leaders did not come to be served, but came to serve.

Currently, Certus is seeking Oracle Federal Financial consultants, Instructional Systems Design Trainers (who are comfortable documenting and facilitating complex simulations for various levels of audience), and User Productivity Kit developers.

If you are interested in finding out more about the positions available, please send a short summary of your skill sets (or updated resume) to Drew@theCertusGroup.com and indicate the type of position you are seeking.