20190101 - TCGI is At It Again at the Dept. of Education - EDCAPS

Though TCGI has not officially been at the Dept. of Education prior to Oct 2018, our founder, Drew Moreau, initially brought UPK to the Department of Education back around 2005 under the EDCAPS - O11IE project.  Since then, the Dept. of Education has used UPK for many other projects including the Grants G5 project (  We are glad to be supporting the Dept. of Education as Education is a key foundation for any successful civilization.

20180315 - TCGI Supports Successful Pilot of DOD Cross-Agency Use of UPK Library

This winter, The Certus Group has successfully supported the roll out of UPK developer to multiple DoD Agencies.  These agencies now have access to use the DoD UPK central Library and can begin recording and editing their own Agency specific processes.  This will further extend the benefit of UPK at DoD by enabling more rapid recording and editing of procedures.  This content can be deployed to Agency specific Help and provide users with near-real-time support On Demand.

20170701 - The Certus Group Deploys Integrated Help for Large Oracle EBS (DAI) for DLA

This summer, The Certus Group has not only completed it's initial development of workforce prep materials, but has also recently deployed an integrated help for all DAI users to take advantage of the DAI Global Model content.  Now users of DAI can access pertinent and relevant procedures on how to perform some of the most common transactions with only a couple of clicks.

20161015 - The Certus Group Joins Defense Logistics Agency Team CACI on DAI

TCGI has joined the Team CACI to implement User Productivity Kit for the DAI Global Model.